Britney Spears has been in the news a lot over the last several years. Not only did she struggle to fight for her freedom against her father when news of her executorship made national headlines, but she continued to fight for her personal freedom in 2023. Now, Britney Spears has come forward in a video in which she is wearing a skimpy Coca-Cola tube top to explain that she has adopted a new name that she would prefer everyone to call her – River Red.

She wrote, “I’ve been at my Aunt Suzy’s house. We made three pies to give at the church service this Sunday!!!

She later posted a picture of the planet Mars along with a caption that stated, “A bright one … easy does it!!! Thank you, a childhood friend. I found my ball … don’t underestimate the power of purity!!! I see right through it all … it has liquid and is wet … it’s playful and has mass!!! I changed my name to River Red!!! Yet the fire is where it illuminates … to stare at it and jump right in with no fear at all!!!!”

Spears then solidified her name change to River Red by changing her handle on her Instagram profile. The name change came after rumors began to fly concerning her ex-boyfriend and NYSNC singer Justin Timberlake. She clarified that the heart tattoo she had “had nothing to do with an ex in the past.”

“Just to clarify… my tattoo had nothing to do with an ex in the past!!! I simply did it because I wanted to!!! The pic with my ex is a time where there was less confusion on what it meant to be together… it is what it is,” she stated.

What do you think about Britney’s name change to River Red?

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