Americans had many questions about the popular transport method

Brits baffled after realising Americans don’t know about common European transport

Americans have been left baffled by a common European transport method, with many previously unaware if existed.

An Instagram video showcasing the ins and outs of the Eurotunnel has sparked plenty of confusion among those residing in the US, as many had not ever heard of the tunnel connecting England and France.

The Eurotunnel, also known as the Channel Tunnel, is an undersea railway tunnel connecting Folkestone, Kent to Coquelles in Pas-de-Calais, France.

It opened back in 1994 and is the only fixed link between Britain and Europe.

While the Eurotunnel has been a common transport method to Brits for nearly 30 years, many Americans had never heard of the unique undersea railway service and were baffled to see it featured on Instagram.

A business account, @wealthcreationsimplified, posted a reel of the tunnel and explained how it works along with clips from inside the tunnel.

“If you drive onto this train, you can go from England to France in just 30 minutes. This is the Eurotunnel and it is a train that you can drive onto which goes under the seabed from England to France,” the voiceover explained.

The Eurotunnel has left Americans baffled.

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“So this only takes 30 minutes, because it is connecting southern England to northern France,” the voiceover continued.

“You can just drive onto the train and there is two levels.”

The video explained how there is a separate section for lorries and gave Instagram users a look inside the train, outlining the protocol for travelling on the Eurotunnel and what happens when it goes under the sea.

The account’s followers were left mind blown by the travel service, with many US-based Instagram users sharing their confusion in the comments.

“Does it really go under the sea??” one person asked, while a second said: “am i the only one who’s creeping out at the fact that it’s under the sea I mean we lost some millionaires in a sub just some months ago.”

A third person said: “Who knew this existed I learn something new EVERYDAY,” and a fourth wrote: “Sorry… sorry…. UNDER THE SEA BED?”

Some questioned the details of the Eurotunnel, with one person asking: “Instead of having a train that takes your car through the tunnel, why not just have cars drive through the tunnel??”

Brits were left stunned by the amount of questions, with many pointing out how the Eurotunnel has existed for decades and is a common method of transport.

“I can’t believe people are using Instagram as a means of learning, this train has been around for the last 30 years,” one person wrote in disbelief.

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