Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden had incredibly successful careers in Hollywood but have taken a giant step back from the spotlight recently as they focus on their marriage and parenting their daughter.

While the couple is notoriously private and enjoys keeping their daughter away from the public, they recently shocked fans by stepping out in public and posing for pictures together at the event.

Benji Madden shared photos of him and Cameron Diaz as he and some others launched a streaming service where users can stream live entertainment any time of the day or night. Fans were shocked to see them.

While many fans were delighted that Benji had allowed them to glimpse their lives, others were confused by their relationship status and shared as much in the comments under the post.

What Did Fans Say?
Benji shared a photo carousel showing photos of himself, his wife, his twin brother, and others who had worked on the streaming service. Many famous faces were present, but fans were focused on something else.

Some fans were shocked that Cameron and Benji were still together, saying they had thought they had broken up like many others in Hollywood. Another thing that confused fans was the resemblance between Benji and his twin brother. One fan shared:

“I’m so confused right now.”

Nicole Richie in between Joel and Benji Madden at the 7-Eleven "Coffee Cup with a Cause" launch in Los Angeles in 2010 | Source: Getty Images

Others clarified that Benji had a twin brother, but while he is married to Cameron, his twin brother was married to Nicole Richie, the actress and daughter of the famous singer, songwriter, record producer, and television personality Lionel Richie.

Nicole Richie and Joel Madden at the 4th Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards | Source: Getty Images

Some fans who knew about Benji’s twin brother said they loved the Madden brothers and their wives. One person even found it interesting that they were “both attracted to the same type of people.”

What Is Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz’s Relationship Like?
When she met her husband, Cameron revealed that she had first met his twin brother Joel. They were later all at an event together, and Cameron noticed Benji Madden walking toward her.

Although she immediately found him attractive, she knew something was special about him and considered him a “hidden gem” in her life when she got to know him a little more.

She said she did not want to settle.

The couple tied the knot at their home in 2015. It was a star-studded event, with Benji’s close friend and sister-in-law Nicole there, but the couple kept things simple, with the celebration being under a tent in their backyard where their loved ones could enjoy the evening.

Their wedding came after only nine months of dating, and Cameron, who was 42 then, said she was glad she had waited for Mr. Right to come into her life before she tied the knot with just anyone. She said she did not want to settle.

Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz at the Washington Wizards versus Los Angeles Lakers game in 2015 | Source: Getty Images

Benji then made guests laugh when his wedding speech contained information about what he asked to be in control of. He asked Cameron if he could handle the cake and the music, which she agreed to.

There was only one mishap on the big day; their five-year-old ringbearer dropped the rings, and Benji and his brother had to get down on their hands and knees to find them. Joel’s father-in-law, Lionel, performed at their wedding as the couple celebrated their union.

Nicole and Cameron Diaz are close girlfriends and sisters-in-law and have sometimes been seen together shopping or running errands. This year, as Cameron and Benji celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary, Benji shared the occasion on Instagram, talking about how much he loved his wife. They, indeed, are a delightful couple.

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