Donna Mills fans were left stunned when she suddenly decided to put acting on hold in middle age. Instead, she chose to become a full-time mother to her daughter, Chloe, figured out motherhood, and found the perfect man.

In 1966, Donna Mills started her acting career by starring in “Secret Storm” and got into several relationships. She also dated fellow actor Vic Vallario and film producer Allen Adler. However, her relationship with Richard Holland, Chaka Khan’s ex-husband, left her with a child named Damian.

Studio portrait Donna Mills stars as Abby Cunningham, in the CBS television series "Knots Landing." | Source: Getty Images

The rock guitarist went into the music scene before exploring the corporate world as a commercial executive. He currently calls himself a writer-producer. The star and Mills were an unlikely couple because of the difference in character and attitude.

As a go-getter, ever the active and motivated person, the actress was unlike her lover, who was more laid back and was often described as lazy. The actress revealed how people didn’t think highly of Holland, viewed him as a gold-digger, and expected him to worship her.

She recalled a time when someone gave her umbrella to Holland and expected him to eagerly hold it in place. The legendary actress said she has resigned to telling them where to keep it.

The advert executive said he is not as motivated as Mills and could go on for months unmotivated and apathetic to try something new. The couple described their relationship of 20 years as “turbulent,” inconsistent, and unstable, with it being on and off for the duration.

Mills – a hard worker and art lover – cared for Hollan’s son, Damian, whom she catered to the best of her abilities. The actress even kept a room aside for the boy for the times when he stayed over while his mother took career tours or during the holidays.

Holland was the first man to ever move in with the actress. She once confessed to having never met anyone she valued that much or was worth giving up her privacy and space for. They lived together in her $1.5 million home and renovated it mildly according to their preference.

When asked why she didn’t start a family earlier, Mills said she put work first and was unable to handle the demands of both work and family. Hence, she wasn’t in a rush to have children and postponed having a family until later.

Mills was at the height of her acting career when she suddenly decided to adopt her daughter, Chloe. At the time she was 54 and said she did it because it felt something was missing, and knew it was a child.

Some critics figured she was too old for motherhood and thought it would be difficult for a woman her age to be doting and running after a toddler. However, she yearned for expression and chose to have a child regardless.

It was a cost choice as Mills later had to take a break from acting for 18 years! Moving around with a child who should be in school was a tough task, and she also didn’t fancy the idea of leaving Chloe in the care of a nanny.

Instead, the actress wanted an active role in her daughter’s life and stayed put to raise her. The octogenarian said after years, she and Chloe have an unbreakable bond, and although her daughter’s busy, they find time to have private moments.

The actress, with a net worth estimated at $9 million, also advises people who have budding careers and want to be successful that the best time to start raising children is later. She believes having children later in life allows you to give your all to your career at an early stage.

Her Mother’s Daughter

Actress Donna Mills and daughter Chloe Mills arrive at the 7th Annual TV Land Awards held at Gibson Amphitheater on April 19, 2009 in Universal City, California | Source: Getty Images

Chloe Mills was adopted just four days shy of her birth by Mills in 1994. The actress’s beautiful daughter is now 28 and a model and social media influencer with over 14.5k followers on Instagram.

Her social media bio reveals that she is a member of the Soho House, a private member’s club for those interested in arts, politics, and media in California. Chloe is currently dating musician Bailey Joshua.

Mills did not give up on love after her relationship with Holland was characterized by instability. The iconic actress had a go at it again in 2001 when she started seeing actor and producer Larry Gilman.

Gilman has had a successful career so far; he was featured in the “Texas Rangers” from 1980 to 1981 also in the movie “Secrets,” and then in “M*A*S*H.”

The New York native is dedicated to the actress and Chloe and shows his love through romantic acts. One such move was when the 73-year-old actor and producer gifted his girlfriend of over 14 years a vineyard! At the time, Mills gushed, saying:

“Larry planted a vineyard for me last year, He’s really such a good guy.”

The star’s vineyard is situated in Brentwood, Los Angeles, and the couple looks forward to the coming years and believes a bountiful harvest awaits them. The duo planned on bottling wine from their grapes and will name it “Ethereal.”

A couple made from two supportive partners, like the fine wine that their vineyard will produce, will keep getting better with age.

During a 2020 interview, Gilman proved by the way he spoke about life that his wife was the lucky one to have him since she had a husband who took a balanced approach to life. Mill’s husband believed in a more holistic or wise decision-making approach.

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