“Is the cat really drinking milk tea using a straw?” This is a question most netizens asked when a photo of a gray cat drinking bubble milk tea circulated on social media platforms. Its chubby body and hilarious antics while drinking amused netizens, who claimed that it was definitely not the first time the cat attempted to drink using a straw.

The photo of the cat, who was unaware it was caught drinking milk tea, circulated on Twitter. In the picture, the gray cat was standing on top of a black microwave oven and leaning forward to sip milk tea with a straw. No longer withstanding the temptation, it kept its balance while leaning forward to drink from the plastic glass next to the microwave.

The photo was also shared in a Facebook cat community, leaving netizens astonished after viewing the picture.

“The cat can actually sip from a straw?”

“Just drink it, but not the boba pearls.”

“The cat is serious while it is drinking.”

“It’s not the first time! It looks like the cat is an experienced straw drinker.”

Some sharp-eyed netizens claimed the picture may have only had a “photo misalignment” technique. Some say the cat may have just wanted to look at the flat surface beneath the microwave oven and aligned its mouth with the straw without actually drinking from it. However, the straw in the picture does not look empty, and we cannot rule out the fact that the straw itself is the same color as the milk tea. This is an interesting photo that has mysteries behind it. Some netizens have enhanced the photo and transformed it into a meme for everyone’s amusement. 😆

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