Everybody believes that uninvited people are never welcome at big events, such as a birthday party or a wedding ceremony. However, when a wedding crasher is not human but an adorable stray dog, everyone’s perspective of wedding crashers changes. This heartwarming story tells of a stray dog who wandered into a random couple’s wedding, mingled with the guests, and ended up being adopted by the newlyweds.

A light brown-colored stray dog named Caramelo entered a church where a wedding ceremony was about to begin. The adorable pup wandered around the venue, mingling with the guests, and stayed at the entrance until the ceremony was done. As though he knew it was over, he waited at the door and was the first to “congratulate” the newlyweds when they were about to exit the venue. He gave them his special gift – his warm hugs and kisses – and the most amazing thing happened!

The “pawfect” wedding crasher is asleep at the church entrance.

Interior designer Tamíris Muzini and her fiance, Douglas Robert, had planned to get a dog. It seemed their wish was heard when fate landed on the doorstep of the church they were married. The timing was perfect! Although he was injured, Caramelo came out of nowhere and stayed until the ceremony was over.

The adorable stray entered the church and wandered around the assembled people. When the ceremony was about to start, and the guests settled on their seats, he peacefully stayed at the church entrance and watched the ongoing celebration. When the couple was about to make their exit, Caramelo stood on his hind legs and greeted the couple. He approached the newlyweds with so much enthusiasm and gave them his warmest hugs. The couple acknowledged his greeting, and his excitement intensified with his tail wagging with happiness.

The dog greets the newlyweds at the church entrance.
Caramelo jumps on the newlyweds.

The couple found the stray dog too irresistible to ignore, and his sweetness touched the hearts of the newlyweds. They were overjoyed that he stayed throughout the wedding ceremony.

The heartwarming encounter between the Caramelo and the couple was captured in a video, and it soon went viral on social media. Additionally, it made headlines all over the globe!

A few seconds while the dog stood on his hind legs was enough to pull on the couple’s heartstrings. The wagging of his tail and the excitement his gestures display was as though he was trying to say: “Take me with you, hoomans! I belong with you!”

Tamíris and Douglas instantly felt the connection with the stray dog. They did not hesitate to adopt Caramelo. They took him in and welcomed him into his new forever home. The couple believes he was meant to be a part of their family. Caramelo felt comfortable around his new family, as though he knew he was really a part of the family from the start.

Judging from his sore nose and injured paw, Caramelo did not have a good beginning in life. However, all that is about to change with his new loving family. It did not take long for him to adapt to his new life as a family member. Tamíris and Douglas brought him to a vet for treatment, and after a few months, he was a brand-new dog again.

“About to complete 1 year of marriage, we realized that there really is no Douglas without Tamíris, Tamíris without Douglas, and neither one without Caramelo,” they wrote on Caramelo’s official Instagram.

Caramelo with the happy couple at the beach.
The newlyweds and Caramelo enjoy the beach.

Today, Caramelo and his new parents live the best life. He now has a female sibling named Bertoleza. Caramelo loves to embark on new adventures daily, and he just can’t get enough of his new family! He is such an adorable and energetic dog who enjoys every single moment of his new life. He was once a stray dog with a sad past, but now he is the family’s dearest companion! And Caramelo will not change a thing. ❤️

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