It’s not all as simple as it may have seemed

Out of nowhere yesterday, Instagram stories seemed to fill up with people showing off the 50 dollar they’d had into their account from Temu.

A ‘free cash giveaway’ from the online shopping site sent social media absolutely wild.

The marketplace is known for its almost ‘too good to be true’ deals with heavily discounted goods typically shipped over to shoppers from China.

But even people who don’t normally shop on Temu were hoping to make the most of this latest scheme for an extra payday.

On its basis, the ‘free cash giveaway’ means users could get ‘free cash’ simply by getting one of your mates to sign up using your link.

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All you’ve got to do is sign up, create an account on the app and then send out the invitation codes to your pals. Once one of them signs up, you both get a nice 50 dollar in your PayPal.

Yeah, all sounds pretty nice right?

Well, a deeper look into the ‘rules’ will reveal the dark truth behind this ‘free cash giveaway’.

As reported by Indy100, the terms and conditions of this scheme mean the marketplace can ‘cancel, change, suspend, or modify any aspect of the Program at any time, including, without limitation, the availability of any Rewards or other benefits without notice’.

There’s also a time limit on being able to secure the cash as from the time of a Member’s Program enrolment in the Program, you’ve got 24 hours to get someone to sign up. The company can also reject giving you the cash and instead offer it as Temu credits.

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