Australian Taylor Swift fans are expressing frustration over a comprehensive list of items banned at the pop star’s upcoming concerts. Frontier Touring, the organizing company, has released a series of stringent rules ahead of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Sydney and Melbourne later this month.

Among the prohibited items are large signs, confetti, iPads, spray sunscreen, aerosol deodorant, and battery packs. Interestingly, even friendship bracelets referencing Swift’s songs, albums, and lyrics are subject to restrictions.

According to the rules, friendship bracelets are permitted but must be worn on patrons’ arms, with no allowance for carabiners or d-rings. This particular restriction has raised eyebrows among fans, who see it as unnecessarily stringent.

The ban extends to drones, audio recording devices, and professional video or photography cameras. However, attendees will still be allowed to film the concert on their smartphones. Additionally, clothing likely to obstruct other concertgoers’ views of the stage is prohibited.

Objects that may cause disturbance, such as airhorns, speakers, flashlights, and lasers, will be confiscated if brought into the venue. Tents and umbrellas are also on the list of banned items.

The release of this comprehensive list has sparked outrage among Swifties, with many taking to social media to express their discontent. Some fans have demanded that Frontier Touring revise the rules immediately.

The restriction on friendship bracelets, in particular, has been met with criticism. Fans have questioned how they will be able to comply with the rule, especially those who have crafted numerous bracelets for the occasion.

Others have lamented the ban on portable chargers, which they see as a practical necessity for staying connected during the event.

Frontier Touring’s announcement of these restrictions has drawn attention not only for its comprehensiveness but also for its impact on concertgoers’ experiences. Many fans feel that the rules are overly restrictive and detract from the enjoyment of attending a Taylor Swift concert.

Despite the backlash, Taylor Swift’s upcoming concerts in Melbourne and Sydney are expected to be sold out. The pop star, who recently won her fourth Grammy Award for Album of the Year, will perform multiple shows at both venues, showcasing her global Eras Tour to eager fans.

As Swift prepares to take the stage, the controversy surrounding the banned items serves as a reminder of the challenges faced by concert organizers in maintaining safety and security while also ensuring an enjoyable experience for attendees.

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