Elisa Jordana was seen getting into a physical altercation with a man on a two-hour livestream uploaded to her YouTube channel.

A former employee of The Howard Stern Show has spoken out after being arrested post-live-streaming footage of her in a physical altercation with someone.

On Monday (April 8) Elisa Jordana – born Elisa Ann Schwartz – took to her YouTube channel in a two-hour livestream event showing her in Palm Beach, Florida.

Titled ‘Not Doing Good’, the video soon descended into an alarming situation with violence and later an arrest ensuing.

The writer – who’s previously worked for The Howard Stern Show – was joined by a man in her livestream, who was identified as being called Zscorro and who Jordana called her ‘boyfriend’.

The meet-up saw Jordana call the girl Zscorro allegedly cheated on her with called ‘Sara’. And the situation escalated further when the pair got into the car together.

Jordana seemingly got on the phone to Sara and while she was on the phone, the livestream documented her hitting Zscorro in the arm multiple times.

Jordana then threatened Sara with exposing her naked photographs online and when Zscorro apologised to Sara, Jordana hit him in the face – with Zscorro exclaiming that she ‘almost broke [his] nose’.

When Zscorro told Jordana that ‘next time you f**king touch me’ he’d ‘f**king deck’ her, she raised her hand again and he then later grabbed her hair, made her pull the car over and pushed her out.

It didn’t take long for the clip to go viral on social media and Jordana was arrested later that day by officers from Palm Beach County Sheriff’s office on a charge of alleged battery and the writer has since issued a public apology.

Elisa Jordana was arrested since the video. (Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office)

Elisa Jordana was arrested since the video. (Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office)

When approached by UNILAD after the incident, Jordana said in a statement: “I’m very heartbroken on recent events and also very regretful. I made so many mistakes recently.

“I have hours of footage with ZScorro, and if I had just listened to every single person in my life, this would not have happened.”

In an exclusive statement to the Daily Mail, Schwartz also added: “I just want to say I’m so sorry for what I portrayed on my livestream that everyone saw.

“This is not what I want to give to the world and it sucks that I got into such a sadness and anger – it was a really negative representation of who I am.

“I’m going to do everything I can to have better relationships with people that are good for me, and people that I’m also good for.”

She added that the incident and her arrest were ‘the most challenging time of [her] life’ and ‘if I can get through this time I will definitely be proud’.

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