Man shares ‘anxiety inducing’ photo of Cybertruck parked in garage with everyone saying the same thing

A Tesla owner left internet users feeling anxious after he shared a photo of his new Cybertruck parked in his garage.

At more than 18 feet long (5.7 meters) and 7 feet wide (86.6 inches), the Cybertruck isn’t a car to be messed with.

The huge vehicle has an 11,000kg towing capacity and is designed to be ‘durable and rugged enough to go anywhere’ – so needless to say, it’s not your day-to-day runaround vehicle.

But Cybertruck owners still have to park them somewhere, and for content creator Paul Clark, that somewhere was at his house.

Clark took to X to share an aerial photo of his Cybertruck parked next to his Tesla on the driveway to his home last year, writing: “Another side-by-side with a white Y parked a little better! The stainless + white combo looks GREAT.”

After seeing the picture, other X users were curious to know if the Cybertruck would be able to fit alongside the Tesla in a regular double garage.

The Cybertruck is much bigger than a regular car. (Tesla)

The Cybertruck is much bigger than a regular car. (Tesla)

“I’d love to see a pic of those two in the garage together…. You think they would fit?,” one follower wrote.

To prove that they would, Clark drove his cars into his garage and lined them up perfectly before snapping a photo from above.

“They do fit!” he wrote alongside the photo – but while Clark seemed satisfied with the results, other X users were shocked at the sight.

While Clark wasn’t wrong in saying the two vehicles fit side-by-side in his garage, to say it’s a tight squeeze would probably be an understatement. I think I’d scratch one of them just thinking about getting it out.

It's certainly a tight squeeze. (X/@pclark15)

It’s certainly a tight squeeze. (X/@pclark15)

After coming across the snap, many X users began to joke about just how closely the cars had been parked.

One X user wrote: “There is no way in hell I’d ever attempt this. My anxiety has been triggered from this pic.”

Another jokingly asked: “Did you have to climb out through the air vents?”

But while some could barely look at the photo, other X users admitted they were impressed by Clark’s parking skills – especially considering it showed a feat that the majority of us wouldn’t even attempt to complete.

“Ha, wow very tight squeeze and lucky no dents in Cybertruck,” another person commented.

“Kinda squished, but yes, a fit!” a further impressed X user penned.

Comments on the photo came ahead of complaints from Tesla owners who claimed Cybertrucks had been malfunctioning at an ‘astonishing rate’, prompting some drivers accuse Tesla of ‘rushing out’ the vehicle.

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