Hardest Geezer receives gold Greggs box after running length of Africa

Russ Cook has been given the ultimate reward for his historic run across the entire length of Africa – a Greggs ‘Gold Collection’ box.

Russ – AKA the ‘Hardest Geezer’ – appeared on Good Morning Britain today (10 April) to discuss his mammoth 16,000km+ journey, which came to a historic and victorious end on 7 April in Tunisia.

The 27-year-old endurance athlete triumphantly crossed the finish line in Tunisia surrounded by hundreds of supporters after successfully raising more than £869,000 for charity.

He set off from the southern tip of South Africa in April 2023, and completed his gruelling journey in 352 days, travelling through 16 countries and facing many obstacles, including being robbed at gunpoint and experiencing visa issues.

Russ was greeted by celebratory chants of ‘geezer, geezer, geezer’ once he made it over the line at Ras Angela in Tunisia.

He then made his way into the Mediterranean for a quick dip to cool off, before telling Sky News he was ‘a little bit tired’ and saying he was going to ‘f**k off’.

Russ Cook has become the first person to ever run the entire length of Africa. (Photo by FETHI BELAID/AFP)

Russ Cook has become the first person to ever run the entire length of Africa. (Photo by FETHI BELAID/AFP)

The runner later celebrated with an epic pool party at a hotel in Tunisia, where he was joined by his loved ones including his girlfriend, other internet personalities and the rock band Soft Play.

Now he’s finally back on home soil, Russ made an appearance on this morning’s Good Morning Britain in London.

Hosts Kate Garraway and Ed Balls were keen to know what Russ had been up to since landing back in the UK, and were quick to ask if he’d managed to get his hands on a Greggs sausage roll after pining for one while in Africa.

“Important question, have you had your sausage roll yet?” Kate asked Russ.

He went on to reel off the list of treats he’d tucked into since arriving back in England, saying: “Yep. Got straight off the plane yesterday; sausage roll, double cheeseburger, pizza, ice cream. All in one go.”

Unbeknown to Russ though, Ed and Kate had a special gift lined up for him on the ITV show.

The runner was then presented with a Greggs ‘Gold Collection’ box, which was filled with several pastries from the popular bakery chain.

Russ joked he was ‘moving up in the world’ after being presented with the lavish gift box.

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