In a heart-stopping moment captured on video, a father in the coastal city of North Wollongong, Australia, leaped into action to save his young daughter after a towering wave swept her away.

The dramatic rescue unfolded along a seawall, with the toddler running ahead of her father. However, danger struck when she was hit by a colossal wave that carried her through the railing, PEOPLE reports.

In a split-second response, the doting father bravely jumped over the rails to reach his daughter, risking his own safety to rescue her from the tumultuous waters.

Witnesses to the harrowing ordeal rushed to the aid of the father and daughter, who were reportedly “tossed across rocks” by the force of the waves. The moment was caught on camera and later shared by 7News:

Despite the treacherous conditions, the quick actions of bystanders helped pull the pair to safety.

David Graham, one of the rescuers, described the father as “exhausted” but unwavering in his determination to protect his child.

“He never let go of that kid,” Graham recounted, highlighting the father’s heroic resolve amid the chaos. Meanwhile, another woman provided comfort to the toddler’s mother, who was understandably distraught after witnessing the frightening incident.

Following the rescue, both the daughter and father received medical attention for swallowing seawater and sustaining minor scratches, according to reports from Metro.

The incident occurred amidst a severe storm that had battered the area the day before, leading to major flooding and powerful waves fueled by high winds.

In response to the ongoing weather challenges in the area, the New South Wales State Emergency Service issued an advisory notice urging residents to take precautions and prepare for the continued impact of severe weather conditions.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Dallas Burnes emphasized the importance of securing property and staying vigilant in the face of potential hazards posed by strong winds and saturated soil.

“We are asking residents to prepare your homes and businesses now for the expected strong winds. You can do this by following a few safety tips including clearing any overhanging branches and securing and putting away any loose items around your backyard or balcony,” Assistant Commissioner Burnes said.

The NSW Rural Fire Service echoed these sentiments, sharing images of the storm’s aftermath, along with the message: “It’s been a busy night and day for emergency services across NSW, with heavy rainfall and damaging winds impacting much of the state’s east coast.

“RFS volunteers continue to assist the NSW SES respond to fallen trees, downed powerlines, flood rescue and clean up.”

Stay safe out there, everyone.

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