An influencer has been slammed after she shared videos of her gender reveal online, leaving people furious about the pollution it caused.

Gender reveals have become increasingly popular in recent years, with many people trying to make sure theirs is bigger and more impressive than any they’ve seen before.

The occasion is generally a very happy one (though not always), as family and friends gather to find out if the new bundle of joy is going to be a boy or a girl.

One influencer from Lithuania has come under fire, however, after sharing videos from her gender reveal celebration.


Gender reveals are getting bigger and bigger in recent years. Credit: Luis Alvarez/Getty Images


Inga Stumbriene, who has 58,000 followers on Instagram, took to the platform to show off the way she and her partner had announced they were having a baby boy.

The couple was seen standing in front of large light-up letters spelling out ‘girl’ and ‘boy’, with a large array of pink, blue, and white balloons around them.

The expectant parents stood with their backs to the camera as three planes flew overhead, making giant loops in the sky above them as white smoke billowed out behind them.

Another video showed the three planes flying over the couple before large smoke cannons blasted out blue smoke into the air, as well as vast amounts of confetti behind the couple.

While it undoubtedly made for some spectacular visuals, many people were deeply unimpressed at the “obnoxious” performance and the impact it had on the environment for the sake of a social media post.

They commented: “You did it to get that 10 minutes of fame huh? Embarrassing how one can do so much damage to our dying earth for a stupid reveal,” and: “Shame on you !!!! You destroy the planet…It’s too much just for gender revele. Money can’t buy brain.”

Others added: “Thanks for killing the planet,” “Absolutely obnoxious,” and: “Inconsiderate a-holes! All for a gender reveal thanks environment.”

One added: “All this environmental pollution just for one baby! You all should be ashamed of yourselves! Then you blocked out the comments section like a bunch of cowards.”

Others pointed out that the money spent on creating a few short-lived Instagram posts could have been put to better use, writing: “How many kids could you have fed with that money?,” “What a waste,” and: “More money than sense !!!!!!”, while one added: “That’s not something to be proud of.”

Inga took to the comments to hit back at one of the people criticizing the audacious display, writing: “This is my dad, my baby’s grandpa who is flying with a plane, this is his and his team performance as a present. Now you understand how stupid and incorrect your comment is?!”

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