A woman has been reunited with her long-lost daughter after learning her son was marrying her.

Weddings often come with their fair share of drama. From that one guest who always indulges a bit too much to family disagreements that turn the atmosphere tense, it’s rare for the day to pass without a memorable moment.

However, even among the usual wedding chaos, some occurrences stand out. In a rather extraordinary turn of events, the groom’s mother at a wedding in China made a startling discovery: her long-lost daughter was none other than the bride herself.

Per the Hong Kong newspaper Oriental Daily News, the incident in question occurred during a wedding in Suzhou, located in the Jiangsu province in China.

According to the publication, the mother of the groom noticed something remarkable about the girl her son had chosen to marry.

Namely, her new daughter-in-law had a birthmark on her hand that was remarkably similar to a birthmark shared by the daughter she had lost and given up hope of ever finding.

The groom’s mother questioned the bride’s parents and asked if the bride had been adopted, and they apparently confirmed that she was, claiming that they had found a baby girl by the roadside and taken her in as their own.

Upon being reunited with her biological mother, and floored by the revelation of her relationship to her, the bride then broke down in tears upon hearing the news.

According to Oriental Daily News, she later told reporters that the moment she found out about her biological family was “happier than the wedding day itself.”

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For those of you worried about incestuous nuptials, it turns out the groom himself was also adopted – meaning that the now happily married couple are actually not blood related, and the wedding went ahead as planned.

The incident – which took place back in 2021 – stands in stark contrast to the mother-in-law who interrupted her son’s wedding after the bride said she loved his flaws.

Footage of the jaw-dropping moment was captured by Sarah Ragsdale, who hails from San Jose in California, back in August of  2020.

Ragsdale later uploaded the footage to TikTok, along with the caption: “My sister’s wedding a few years ago. Her MIL has always hated her. She’s just [one] of those MILs that feels my sister is taking her son away.”

In the dramatic footage, the beautiful bride can be seen exchanging the vows she has written for her husband. However, just moments after completing the vows, her new mother-in-law starts shouting at the bride, stating angrily: “You’re not going to say my son has flaws.”

The heckled bride responds: “Everybody has flaws and that’s why I love him. You can leave. You can get out of my wedding now.”

After refusing to leave, another woman approaches the mother-in-law and requests that she exit the room, causing the irate mother to threaten to have them arrested.

During the chaos, the groom – who is perhaps the person I feel the most sympathy for – turns away from his mother and stares at the ground.

He can then be heard telling his mother: “You have the flaws right now. You don’t know how to act like an adult.”

The video ends with two people attempting to calm the mother-in-law down, telling her “it’s not about you, she in love with your son, accept it.”

After the footage went viral, Sarah once again took to TikTok to share a follow-up video on the happy couple.

“Because everybody’s asking and it’s gone so viral, I just can’t even believe it. Update is they’re married, happy, they have a baby.”

She also explained that she removed the video from her account out of respect for her brother-in-law.

Congratulations to the happy couple – trust me, no wedding goes off without a little family drama (speaking from experience.)

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