Huge last meal of death row inmate who had final bid for life denied

A death row inmate’s mammoth final meal has been unveiled after pleas to save his life were denied just hours before he took his final breath.

Brian Dorsey, 52, was put to death by lethal injection at the state prison in Bonne Terre, Missouri, on 9 April, despite his attorney’s efforts to spare his life.

Brian was sentenced to death in 2008 after being convicted of first degree murder for shooting and killing his cousin and her husband in their home in December 2006.

His lawyers say Brian murdered Sarah and Benjamin while experiencing psychosis induced by crack cocaine and alcohol, which he used to treat chronic depression.

He also claimed he had no memory of committing the crime.

His lawyers had pleaded with the US Supreme Court to stop his execution from going ahead and instead hand him a life-without-parole sentence, claiming he was fully rehabilitated.

A final clemency request was rejected by Governor Mike Parson on 8 April, just one day before his execution, and the US Supreme Court declined Brian’s appeals.

Brian Dorsey was sentenced to death after being convicted for the murder of his cousin and her husband. (Jeremy Weis/AFP via Getty Images)

Brian Dorsey was sentenced to death after being convicted for the murder of his cousin and her husband. (Jeremy Weis/AFP via Getty Images)

Before being executed on Tuesday, Brain was able to eat a final meal of choice at the prison in Missouri.

Death row inmates are allowed to pick one last dish to enjoy on their final day, with many usually choosing their favourite foods.

According to the Missouri Department of Corrections, Brian’s order included all of his favourite foods.

The 52-year-old opted for a greasy array of fast food as his final meal, with it being revealed he consumed two cheeseburgers, chicken strips, two large orders of fries, and a loaded pizza.

Also ahead of his execution, the convicted murderer submitted a written letter in which he expressed guilt for his crimes.

He said: “To all of the family and loved ones I share with Sarah and to all of the surviving family and loved ones of Ben, I am truly, deeply and overwhelmingly sorry.

“Words cannot hold the just weight of my guilt and shame. I still love you. I never wanted to hurt anyone. I am sorry I hurt them and you.

Brian Dorsey's final statement. (Missouri Department of Corrections)

Brian Dorsey’s final statement. (Missouri Department of Corrections)

“To my family, friends, and all of those that tried to prevent this, I love you; I am grateful for you. I have peace in my heart in large part because of you and I thank you.

“To all those on ALL sides of this sentence, I carry no ill will or anger, only acceptance and understanding.”

Dorsey received the lethal injection at the state prison in Bonne Terre, Missouri, at 6:11 p.m local time. He took several deep breaths followed by a few shallow breaths before dying.

Brian is the first inmate in Missouri to be executed this year after four were put to death in 2023.

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