People felt uneasy after seeing what was beneath the surface.

Man on cruise ship drops GoPro in the ocean and now people are 'terrified' of what's underneath

Viewers have been left spooked after a cameraman dropped a GoPro below a cruise ship that he was on, giving everyone a look into what sea life below the surface really looks like.

The Greek photographer shared the video on YouTube in November 2021, which has since gone viral, and has accumulated almost seven million views on the social media site.

As the clip begins, we can see the side of the ship as the man known as Odysseas Froilan plunges the camera into the water, when it is met immediately by a school of fish.

He got a look into what sea life really looks like. (YouTube/Odysseas Froilan)

He got a look into what sea life really looks like. (YouTube/Odysseas Froilan)

The GoPro continues its descent into the deep of the sea, where a variety of breeds of fish swim past the camera, as it eventually touches down on the seafloor next to a huge chain – presumably the anchor for the ship.

Moving along slowly, the camera picks up more fish in its shot, and captures the almost alien environment down on the seabed.

The footage then cuts as it makes its way back to the surface, as we get up close and personal with the bottom of the cruise ship again – if you wanted to memorise it for the next time you see it.

Then things get a lot more interesting as the clip cuts to the nighttime footage – and this is when things do get a bit creepier if you ask me.

A shark could be spotted emerging from the darkness. (YouTube/Odysseas Froilan)

A shark could be spotted emerging from the darkness. (YouTube/Odysseas Froilan)

Not only does the darkness add a certain eeriness the earlier footage didn’t have, but as the camera makes its way through the water several sharks swim past.

It’s a massive ‘nope’ from me.

The incredible footage has left nature-lovers seriously impressed – and not to mention a little bit scared.

Commenting on the video, one person said: “The way I went from kicking my feet in the air at the cute fishies and thinking ‘maybe the ocean isn’t so scary after all’ in the day footage to blankly staring, terrified, at the night footage, further confirming my intense fear of the ocean.”

Another wrote: “Man, there’s something primally terrifying about seeing a shark emerge from the darkness like that.”

While a third commented: “It’s surreal, scary and intriguing, all at the same time!”

“Even though I am at home watching this, it still takes my breath away with fear,” a fourth viewer added.

Meanwhile, someone else warned: “I would just like to point out the difference in marine life depending on the time of day.

“If you ever find yourself on a cruise, do not take a bet and jump into the ocean at night, most sharks are nocturnal hunters and they are basically just waiting for you.”

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