There are some things in this world that cannot be avoided: Death, taxes, and me laughing my a** off while rewatching Mrs. Doubtfire for the 428th time.

Yes, the 1993 family comedy is a classic in my household – with Robin Williams stealing the show with yet another unforgettable and hilarious performance as the desperate father who dresses as an elderly woman in an effort to keep seeing his estranged children.

Robin Williams dazzled fans as Mrs. Doubtfire. Credit: 20th Century Fox / Getty


And there’s no denying that every actor in this 90s flick absolutely smashes their respective role – From Sally Fields as uptight mom Miranda to Mara Wilson as the adorable Natalie.

Another incredible performance in the movie is that of Lisa Jakub, who played the cautious and sensible older sibling, Lydia.

And after going on to appear in other 90s movies such as A Pig’s Tale and Independence Day, Jakub chose to retire from acting in 2001 at the age of 22 and opted to take up a career as a writer.


Lisa Jakub in 1993 at thje Mrs. Doubtfire premiere. Credit: Ron Galella / Getty


In an interview with Parade, Jakub said: “After an 18-year career, I left the film industry, not wanting to become one of those child-actor cautionary tales.”

However, I guess not everybody got the memo, as Jakub – now 44 years old – recently shared a screenshot from an article with the headline: “Whatever happened to the actor who plays Lydia in Mrs. Doubtfire?”


Jakub hit back at the headline. Credit: X/@Lisa_Jakub


Jakub wrote alongside the screenshot: “Well, ummm, I mean, a lot of stuff has happened since 1993 so you’re gonna need to be more specific.”

The tongue-in-cheek response proved popular on X (formerly Twitter), with the post receiving over 8,000 retweets and more than 172,000 ‘likes’.

Following the outpouring of support from X users, Jakub happily provided a link to her website, along with the caption: “Wow, thanks for all the liking and sharing!

“The next question I usually get is why I quit acting after an 18 yr career. Luckily, I wrote a whole book about it. Then I wrote another book about anxiety and depression. You can find out more about those here”.


Lisa Jakub in 2022. Credit: Bobby Bank / Getty

Jakub also posted the screenshot to her Instagram account, and received a comment from former co-star and on-screen little sister Mara Wilson.

Wilson, now 36, commented: “Ugh, it’s like when they say someone ‘turned out well’ or ‘DIDN’T turn out well’. What does that MEAN? Who “turns out” anything?”


Credit: Instagram

Jakub replied: “@marawilson you turned out perfect and if anyone says anything differently I will fight them.”

I’m not actually sure my 90s kid heart can handle all of this nostalgia.

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