In the realm of billionaire tycoons and business moguls, opulent residences are par for the course.

However, one controversial entrepreneur has redefined luxury living by elevating mansions to unprecedented heights — 400 feet, to be exact.

Perched atop a 33-story luxury apartment complex in Bengaluru, India, this sky mansion sprawls over 40,000 square feet, spanning two floors. Complete with a helipad, verdant gardens, an infinity swimming pool, and a 360-degree viewing deck, it stands as a testament to extravagance.

Notably, this sky mansion is entirely distinct from the apartments nestled within the building below, offering an exclusive retreat high above the city.

Irfan Razack, chairman of Prestige Estates Projects, involved in the tower’s joint development agreement, remarked per Business Insider: “It was a challenge to construct the mansion on a huge cantilever at that height, but we have ensured we build it exactly the way it was conceived.”

While Prestige Constructions declined to provide BI with further comment, the outlet estimates the mansion’s value at a staggering $20 million!

In a twist of fate, however, its intended resident – businessman and politician Vijay Mallya – may never step foot inside.

Eight years ago, Mallya – known as the “king of good times” – fled India for the UK amidst mounting debts exceeding $1 billion (£842 million) and faced various charges, including fraud.

According to the Business Standard, Mallya is in debt to 17 Indian banks. However, in 2016, he slammed many of the claims made against him, saying in a statement: “All enquiries conducted have failed to find evidence of misappropriation of funds by Kingfisher Airlines or myself […] Despite pledging blue-chip securities and depositing significant amounts in court, a successful disinformation campaign has ensured my becoming the poster boy of all bank NPAs.”


The mansion belongs to Indian businessman Vijay Mallya. Credit: Jack Taylor / Getty


British Security Minister Tom Tugendhat addressed Mallya’s extradition last year, affirming the UK’s stance against harboring individuals seeking to evade justice. He emphasized that both India and the UK have legal processes to uphold, signaling the UK’s commitment to accountability.

Mallya continues to grow his wealth through his Kingfisher beer brand.

Meanwhile, the sky mansion remains unoccupied, suspended 400 feet above ground. Despite its vacancy, onlookers often marvel at its grandeur, appreciating its lush gardens and captivating infinity pool.

Commenting on the spectacle, one X user described the mansion as “a testament to luxury and innovation”, with a second writing that it is “certainly an impressive feat of architecture and engineering”.

I mean, you can’t deny that it certainly is an impressive feat — although, it does remind me of that episode of Pokèmon with the Drowzee-loving fan club:

The mansion is strikingly similar to a sky-high residence in Pokemon. Credit: 4Kids

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