With many competitors emulating notions of grace and elegance, the world of beauty pageants may be a beautiful and competitive one. The first-ever plus-size winner of Miss Universe Nepal, Jane Dipika Garrett, upended conventional beauty standards by taking home the esteemed title.

She supports body positivity.

Source: mun_missuniversenepal / Instagram

Jane Dipika Garrett was one of the contenders for Miss Universe Nepal. She is a dedicated supporter of body positivity and often uses her social media channels to spread awareness of women’s mental health issues. Her victory is the first-ever victory of a plus-size competitor in a national pageant.

Source:  mun_missuniversenepal / Instagram

Jane, an American-Pepalese woman, frequently uses social media to change perceptions of what constitutes a beautiful woman and to mainstream plus-size bodies.”I think that every woman is beautiful in her own right, regardless of the type of beauty standard that exists.” She always encourages others to be confident and accept their natural bodies on Instagram.

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Being an advocate for curvaceous women is her mission.

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“As a curvaceous woman who doesn’t fit into certain beauty standards, I’m here to represent curvaceous women who deal with weight gain and hormone issues,” Jane said. “Every woman is beautiful in her own special way.” Her narrative encourages everyone of us to accept who we really are!

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Accepting who we are at our core is crucial to having self-confidence. Many, like this woman who shows off postpartum bodies in their true light, are determined to help everyone achieve this.

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