The concept of time travel has long captivated people, and recently, an odd hypothesis has emerged regarding iPhone appearances in historical paintings. This post will examine four ancient artworks that appear to include iPhones and find out what specialists make about this bizarre notion.

Waldmüller By Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Die Erwartete

Source: Pieter de Hooch / Wikimedia Commons CC-PD-1.0

The intriguing picture depicts a woman strolling as if she is unaware of her surroundings. A man is clutching a flower while kneeling in the front. You have to look twice to see the stark contrast between his shady area and the sunlit route she is walking on. When this painting was on display at the Neue Pinakothek Museum in Munich in 2017, it became viral online. People made jokes about how she was too busy scanning on Tinder to pay attention to the man.

However, the painting’s true backstory is distinct. The woman is absorbed in her hymn book, demonstrating her ardent devotion to God and her preference for spiritual issues above worldly pursuits. Those who believed the painting included proof of time travel may be surprised by this explanation, which is taken directly from the gallery.

Painting by Ben Nicholson, 1937

Source: Top 10s / Youtube

The 1937 mural at the Springfield Main Post Office depicts the arrival of settlers in the 1620s. But if you look closely, you’ll see something odd. One of the Native Americans trading with William Pynchon appears to be staring at something that like a smartphone in the midst of all the hectic activity.

The painting’s creator passed away in 1982, long before iPhones became popular. One theory is that the item may originate in Europe. According to him, there’s cause to think that the thing the man is looking at is not native to the area but rather originated in Europe. Mirrors, for example, were frequently offered in these kinds of transactions.

If the man is staring at his own reflection, then the way he holds it up makes perfect sense, the speaker said.

Pieter de Hooch’s A Young Woman in an Interior with a Letter and a Messenger

Source:  Pieter de Hooch / Wikimedia CommonsCC-PD-1.0

A 350-year-old artwork by Pieter de Hooch has generated a lot of discussion on time travel. It all began when Apple CEO Tim Cook claimed to have seen what seemed to be an iPhone in a painting while visiting an Amsterdam museum in 2016.

The 1670 picture depicts a woman sitting with a dog on her lap while a man hands her a “letter.” The attention to detail—especially in the letter—made people inquisitive. While some art enthusiasts believe the guy is only giving her a letter in the shape of a rectangle, others believe it to be a hint that might lead to time travel.

When he discussed it, Mr. Cook was taken aback and uncertain about the situation as a whole. He said, “I always thought I knew when the iPhone was invented, but now I’m not so sure anymore,” when asked when and where the device was manufactured. Presenting a snapshot to the crowd with pride, he insisted, “It’s tough to see, but I swear it’s there.”

Portrait of a Boy by Ferdinand Bol

Source:  Ferdinand Bol / Wikimedia CommonsCC-PD-1.0

The seventeenth-century work, titled “Portrait of a Boy,” was created by the Dutch artist Ferdinand Bol. It depicts an eight-year-old child with his hand on his hip, holding a glass.

Close examination revealed that folks observed anything strange. The white Nike emblem with the “tick” appears to be on the boy’s left shoe. That’s odd considering the artwork was created three hundred years after Nike was founded in 1964. When Fiona Foskett and her daughter Holly visited the exhibition, they were the first to notice this intriguing element.

“Hold on, is he wearing a pair of Nike trainers?” I asked my daughter. Foskett imparted. Given his age, he must have acquired the very first pair of Nike sneakers produced. Could he be a time traveler in real life?

You may be wondering: Is there evidence of time travel here, as we continue to be astounded by the enigma of iPhone appearances in historical paintings? Stay put! We will go into yet another perplexing topic in our upcoming piece. Join us as we examine eight fascinating situations where individuals appear to have defied the laws of time, leaving behind clues that perhaps something exceptional is occurring with time.

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