Five Guys, a beloved food chain founded in 1986 in Arlington County, Virginia, has recently come under scrutiny for its relatively high prices compared to other fast-food establishments. Customers have been sharing eye-watering bills online, prompting questions about why the chain tends to be pricier.

One customer was shocked to discover a $74 bill for her order, leading her to quip on TikTok, “when did Five Guys become a five-star restaurant?” In response to such reactions, Iain Ross-Mackenzie, Director Of Operations-APAC at Five Guys International, shed light on the reasons behind the brand’s pricing.

According to Ross-Mackenzie, the use of fresh ingredients and the ability for customers to customize their orders extensively contribute to the higher prices. The emphasis on providing an authentic All-American experience also plays a significant role in maintaining consistent prices worldwide.

Despite offering a simpler menu than some competitors, Five Guys stands out for its customization options. Customers can choose from a variety of free toppings, allowing them to create their ideal burger or sandwich combination. This focus on customer choice aims to empower consumers and enhance their dining experience.

The chain’s commitment to quality is reflected in its sourcing practices, with all ingredients being fresh rather than frozen. From the meat to the vegetables in the burgers and the hand-cut potatoes used for fries, Five Guys prioritizes freshness and quality.

Additionally, Five Guys maintains a consistent menu across its locations worldwide, showcasing its dedication to delivering a classic American burger experience. This commitment to simplicity and authenticity resonates with customers who appreciate the familiarity and quality of the food.

While some customers may be taken aback by the prices, Ross-Mackenzie emphasizes that Five Guys prioritizes providing a genuine American burger experience. The chain’s focus on quality, customization, and consistency contributes to its higher prices but also ensures a satisfying dining experience for its loyal patrons.

One customer’s viral TikTok video, where she expressed dismay over her $74 order, highlighted the shock factor for some customers. However, the receipt, which included four burgers, two fries, and drinks, underscored the customizable options and generous portion sizes that Five Guys offers.

Ultimately, Five Guys prides itself on offering an All-American community feel where customers can enjoy classic burgers made with fresh ingredients and tailored to their preferences. While the prices may be higher than some fast-food chains, the quality and customization options justify the cost for many patrons who value the Five Guys experience.

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