While talking with the BBC, Princess Diana’s brother Earl Charles Spencer was asked about the intense media scrutiny Princess Kate Middleton has recently been subjected to.

Earl Charles addressed what Kate is currently experiencing, saying that “I do worry about what happened to the truth.”

But when asked if he felt the pressure Kate is enduring is “more potent” than what his sister, Princess Diana, Charles admitted, “I think it was more dangerous back in the day.”

The earl continued, explaining, “I think, if I look back to ’97 and Diana’s death, I think that was so shocking too – the circumstances of her death were so shocking, that it did make the industry that supports the paparazzi really consider more carefully what it could and couldn’t do.”

Experts Believe Kate Middleton Has Faced Extreme Amounts of Stress and Anxiety in Recent Months
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According to the BBC, Earl Charles was sent to the school at the young age of 8. And although he believes victims such as himself “must speak out,” he explained that reliving the trauma caused him to suffer a breakdown.

Now he is receiving treatment for the trauma he experienced.

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