Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have reunited again and people just can’t handle how adorable these two are together.

As reports suggested, Kelce and a group of friends traveled to Singapore to watch Swift continue her Eras tour. Last night, Kelce was seen living it up  during last night’s performance.

And now several videos of him at the concert are going viral.

Not only did Swift change the lyrics of her song again, leaving Kelce in his feels yet again…

But there newest post show kiss has fans swooning.

Then there is this compilation of him dancing and singing along to his girlfriend’s music along with 68,000 other fans.

This is Swift’s last weekend in Singapore before she takes a two month break, meaning Swift and Kelce will have a significant amount of time to spend together.

Then, Swift will begin touring again, heading to France, Sweden,  Portugal, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Austria from May to August.

Rumors began to swirl on social media that Travis Kelce missed Taylor Swift changing the lyrics for him, again, while he watched her perform in Sydney. However, as new video reveals, Travis was there to witness the adorable moment and had another adorable reaction to it.

Take a look:

Kelce threw his hands in the air with a smile on his face as Swift called him out mid song. He continued to dance as fans screamed his name in excitement.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are giving the fans exactly what they want on Night 1of the Eras Tour in Sydney, Australia.

Travis flew to Sydney earlier this week to spend some time with Taylor and watch her perform, yet again. And as the videos start rolling in, people can’t get enough of seeing these people together.

Travis looked very proud standing in the VIP tent with friends and other high profile stars including Katy Perry and Rita Ora.

You can ignore this video of them popping around to Taylor’s song Bad Blood, which is rumored to be about Perry during their rumored feud years ago. Safe to say, the friends have squashed any reported beef.

Firstly, fans were ecstatic when Taylor’s first surprise song of the night was How You Get the Girl, a love song song dedicated to the man who does what is needed to make a relationship work.

And then came the end of the concert, when Taylor closes every show with one of her newest songs, Karma. You may recall several month ago when Travis attended one of Taylor’s shows during a bye week and Taylor surprised the world when she changed the lyrics of her song to “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me.”

People wondered if Taylor would perform “Travis’s Version” of the song during Night 1 of her Sydney stops because he was their to support her. And she did!

And lastly, fans got to see Taylor and Travis embrace at the end of the night as he waited for her to come off the stage.

How sweet are they? It’s unclear how long Travis will stay in Australia. Taylor is set to travel to Singapore after this week to continue her tour.

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