Pamela Anderson, the iconic Baywatch star and Canadian-American beauty, is making headlines again, and this time it’s not for her red swimsuit running down the beach. In the latest Proenza Schouler SS/24 campaign, Anderson continues to embrace her fresh-faced look and defies age, showcasing her timeless beauty. The luxury women’s fashion brand, established in 2002 by Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez, couldn’t have chosen a more fitting muse to represent their collection.

In the campaign, Pamela Anderson appears ageless, with minimal makeup that accentuates her natural beauty. She graces the camera wearing the New York label’s stunning $1,790 ‘Lara Knit Dress’ in vibrant red. However, what’s truly remarkable is that it seems Anderson is wearing little to no makeup, except for a touch of lip gloss.

The decision to showcase Anderson’s natural beauty is not accidental. The 56-year-old actress and model has been an advocate for embracing one’s true self and challenging conventional standards of beauty. In a recent interview with Vogue France, she shared her perspective, saying, “I’m not into the makeup look right now. My mom always told me, ‘At some point in your life, you’re not going to want to wear makeup on your skin.’ And she’s right.”

This isn’t the first time Pamela Anderson has boldly embraced her natural look. Last October, during Paris Fashion Week festivities, she proudly announced her decision to wear only her DIY rose oil on her alabaster complexion. This move reflects her commitment to authentic beauty and her desire to inspire others to embrace their natural selves.

Behind the scenes of this stunning campaign, Anderson had the support of her trusted makeup artist, Cyndle Komarovski, who also worked with her for the Daily Front Row’s Fashion Media Awards in Manhattan on September 8, where she accepted the Style Icon Award. Cyndle’s minimalistic approach to makeup perfectly aligns with Anderson’s vision of beauty, allowing her natural radiance to shine through.

Hairstylist Karim Belghiran and nail artist Alicia Torello completed Anderson’s look for the Proenza Schouler campaign. They transformed her signature blonde mane, taking out some volume, and applied a classic red manicure, enhancing her timeless style. The entire look was curated by stylist Thistle Brown, who ensured Anderson’s effortless beauty was front and center.

In addition to her stunning appearance in the Proenza Schouler campaign, Pamela Anderson has been making waves in her career. She’s currently working on a cookbook, fulfilling a lifelong dream. “This has always been my dream to have a cooking show. Always, always, always,” Anderson shared. “Brandon came to me and said, ‘Mom, your dream is going to come true.’ And now we are on Food Network Canada, which is even better because I am so insistent on doing Canadian projects and working with Canadian production companies.”

Pamela’s Cooking With Love, her upcoming vegan cooking show, is set to premiere later this year on Food Network Canada. Anderson’s passion for cooking and her commitment to a plant-based lifestyle have come together to create a show that promises to delight viewers with delicious and nutritious meals. Anderson expressed her excitement about the show, saying, “Michelin star chefs, James Beard Award winners, and all these incredible chefs from all over the world came to my little barn on the island, and we cooked the most amazing mind-blowing meals. I mean, my head just exploded every episode. I was so excited! I was like a sponge, just soaking it all in!”

In addition to her flourishing career, Pamela Anderson is also a proud mother of two sons, Brandon Thomas Lee and Dylan Jagger Lee. Both of them showed their support for their mother’s Proenza Schouler campaign by Instastorying it with supportive emojis. Pamela welcomed these two talented young men during her three-year marriage to three-time Grammy nominee Tommy Lee, which ended in 1998.

As Pamela Anderson continues to inspire us with her beauty, authenticity, and resilience, it’s clear that age is just a number. Her timeless elegance and unwavering commitment to embracing her true self make her an icon for generations to come. In a world often obsessed with youth and superficial beauty, Pamela Anderson reminds us that the real essence of beauty lies in being confident in who we are.

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