The fast food chain shells out chips like they’re going out of fashion

No matter what you order, you best be prepared to devour the truckload of chips which are piled high in your takeaway bag alongside your monstrous burger.

Even though it’s got a reputation as a pretty pricey lunch stop, the fast food chain seems to keep customers onside by plying them with a colossal scoop of delicious deep fried potatoes.

Five Guys sources the majority of its spuds from local farms, hand-cuts them in store and then cooks them up in refined peanut oil following a three step process: precook, cooling and final cook.

The chain lives and breathes its ‘boardwalk style’ fries and insists that it is something which is ‘unique to their brand’.

Chad Murrell, one of the son of the firm’s founder Jerry Murrell, explained that they refer to their fry cooks as ‘mad scientists’ due to the wizardry they get up to in the kitchen when creating the mouth-watering chips.

Five Guys always give you a hearty helping of fries.


He previously told Food Republic: “You can cook your own burger in the backyard, but you can’t make fries like ours unless you buy the best ingredients and practice our methods. It’s a lot harder than just buying fresh potatoes.”

So, you may be wondering why the chain is so keen to shell out bucketloads of fries to customers – even if they have simply ordered a small portion.

Well, it turns out there is a method behind the madness of the mountain of chips you get in your Five Guys bag.

For starts, the chain tells customers that it ‘always add an extra scoop of fries in the bag as it believes in generosity’.

Five Guys recommends sharing your side order if you are eating with other people, with up to two people being able to share a ‘little’ portion and up to four with a ‘large’ portion.

And apparently, the restaurant is pretty in tune with its ever-growing customer base as well as behavioural psychology.

There is a reason why the fast food chain are so generous with their portions.

Lindsey Nicholson/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

That’s because it reckons that people leave feeling a lot more satisfied after getting a ‘topper’ of fries added on.

Five Guys has deduced that when fast food fans are loaded up with more chips, they feel as though they have got a whole lot more bang for their buck, according to Mashed.

Alas, the extra fries have actually been factored into menu pricing, so Five Guys has basically David Blaine-d our a***s.

The mastermind behind the business, Jerry Murrell, previously discussed why he tells his employees to be so overzealous with their fries scooping.

He said: “People complain that they get too many fries. I just tell them to make hash browns with the leftovers. I teach my managers that if people aren’t complaining, then you’re not giving them enough.”

And that’s why he’s earning the big bucks.

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