Kensington Palace will not provide constant updates on Kate Middleton’s health amidst online speculation. Palace officials clarified they won’t disclose every detail but confirmed her recovery following abdominal surgery in January. Additionally, they shared positive news about her progress. Let’s see.

Kate Middleton is reported to be recovering well.

A spokesperson reiterated that Kensington Palace outlined the recovery timeline for Princess Kate back in January and stated they would only provide significant updates as necessary, maintaining this guideline unchanged.

During Kate’s surgery earlier this year, palace aides emphasized her wish for privacy regarding her medical condition. In a statement, a spokesperson conveyed Kate’s appreciation for the public’s concern but underscored her priority of preserving normalcy for her children and keeping her medical details confidential.

Since then, the palace hasn’t disclosed further details about Kate’s condition, apart from confirming it’s not cancerous.

Sources close to the Princess suggest she hasn’t dismissed the idea of sharing her experiences in the future, but her current focus is on recovery and returning to work when she feels prepared.

Speculation surged this week when Prince William unexpectedly withdrew from the memorial service for his godfather, King Constantine II, at Windsor Castle, just an hour before it was due to commence. This unusual cancellation sparked rumors regarding whether it was related to his wife or his father, King Charles.

King Charles, who was seen in Windsor on the morning of the service, was diagnosed with cancer last month and is undergoing treatment, later traveling to London for outpatient care.

Kensington Palace stated William withdrew from the service due to a «personal matter.» However, the palace’s head of communications noted Kate’s recovery from surgery was progressing well. William’s absence was notable, especially as he was slated to give a reading, following the Prince and Princess Michael of Kent’s attendance just 48 hours after the unexpected death of their son-in-law, Thomas Kingston.

Prince William resumed royal duties on Thursday with a visit to a London synagogue, and traveled to Wales on Friday to commemorate St. David’s Day. Meanwhile, Kate has not appeared publicly since Christmas Day.

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